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Spend more time capturing beautiful moments and less time staring down at your camera feeling confused. Operating a DSLR camera is easy once you know the basics. With the right training, you will view each shot with the sophisticated eye of a professional photographer. Frank H. Conlon offers beginner photography classes and workshops in Flemington, NJ. These classes will launch your training into using a DSLR camera. By the end, you will understand exposure, aperture, shutter speeds, modes, and blur. Are you ready to use that DSLR camera to its fullest potential? Call (908) 237-2237 or send a message to register for classes.

Course Offering

Getting to Know Your Camera – Two Hours

A hands-on class that helps students set up and understand the many functions and settings on a modern digital camera.  Today’s digital cameras come with an owner’s manual the size of a small book. This class helps you wade through the technical word salad.  By the end of class, your camera will be set up and ready for your photo adventures.

Basic Photography/Taking Your Camera Off Program – Three Hours

A hands-on class that introduces basic photography skills.  Students will learn about the exposure triangle; aperture, shutter speed and light sensitivity(ASA/ISO).  The class will also explore automatic versus manual settings as well as different lenses. This class is for students that have taken the Getting to Know Your Camera class or already understand their camera’s basic functions.

Specialized Classes: Sports Photography or Portraiture – Two Hours each

These classes are designed to help photographers understand the basics of either genre.  The classes explain the different lenses and camera settings necessary to capture great images.  The classes also discuss lighting and how it affects images. These classes are geared towards students that have taken Basic Photography/Taking Your Camera Off Program class or have enough experience to understand the subject matter.

Workshop Schedule

We offer day and evening classes during the week and daytime classes on the weekends. Our schedule is flexible to meet your needs. Call us to find the right date and time that works for you.


All Classes $79


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To register for classes call (908) 237-2237 or send a message via our contact page.